Frequently Asked Home Inspection Questions

Please consult the standards of practice for complete info. Some of this FAQ is based on the standards.

Is a home inspection a warranty?

No. A home inspection helps to uncover SOME not all defects that may be present ONLY at the time of inspection. Like most things in life, they break without notice. What was ok and working one second may no longer work the next second.

How long will it take to receive the written report?

Typically the home inspection report will be completed within 48 hours from the inspection time of the home. It is important to spend time and review the photos taken during the inspection. Photos can reveal other things that may of not been observed at the time of the inspection.

Will you move personal belongings such as furniture, bags, toys, boxes or anything that may be blocking walls and outlets?

No. This is outside the standards of practice. Whatever is blocked must be moved by the homeowner. Buyers can make a request to the current homeowner, before the inspector arrives to have things moved.

Will walls be cut open during the inspection?

No! A home inspection is a visual inspection. No cutting will be done

When is payment due for the inspection?

At least half the payment is due prior to the inspection and the rest is due after the physical inspection, before the report is turned over. When the inspection is started the observations will be verbally communicated in person and the rest will be on paper. The easiest method is to pay in full prior. If the home is not inspected the payment will be refunded within 7 days.

Do you inspect cable tv wires, internet connections, satellite dishes or phone wires?

No. The respective companies for each do that.

Are Alarm systems part of a home inspection?

No. Alarms need to be serviced by a alarm company.

Can you repair anything such as electrical, plumbing, roofs, air conditioning?

No. Home inspectors are not licensed to repair. Each of those contractors, such as a electrical or roofing contractor must be Florida licenced for the respective profession.

I have heard that home inspectors adjust garage door openers?

No. That is for a licenced garage door repair company. Inspectors should not be making changes to a property.

Are individual outlet and light switch covers removed for inspection?

No. A representative number of outlets will be tested with a tester.

Will light fixtures be removed to view the wiring.

No. If the light turns on it works.

Will plumbing valves be turned on or off.

No. If the valve is off it will remain off. If it is on it will remain on. You may have had a valve that did not leak and once it was turned off and back on it started to drip. A plumber should be the only person to do that so it can be repaired on the spot.

Some of the circuit breakers are off, will the inspector turn them on.

No. Breakers turn off for a number of safety reasons. The homeowner may of also turned them off for safety or other purposes. An electrical contractor needs to evaluate and repair off breakers.

What can a home inspection be compared to? It is similar to seeing a nurse practitioner or general physician.

If you explained to them, or they found a potential issue they would send you to a specialist. If a pain was coming from your foot a podiatrist would be recommended.

Are children and pets allowed during a home inspection?

For the safety of both the children and pets they should not be present during the inspection. All parties need to remain focused on the inspection of the home.

Will my home be inspected to be up to building code?

No. A home inspector is not a code inspector. Codes also change on a regular basis. If you want the latest codes purchasing a new home will have them.

Will all windows be inspected?

A representative number of windows that are readily accessible will. Windows like electric outlets do not all need to be inspected based on the standards of practice. Inside windows that are readily accessible (not blocked by personal belongings will) Outside windows on the first floor will if readily accessible (on ground level and not blocked by plants or other items)

Will the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave or other appliances be pulled out during inspection?

No. Pulling these out or removing them could damage the homeowners floor, surrounding property or the appliance.

Will my drain pipes underground be viewed?

No. That requires a plumber and a sewer scope performed. It is a good idea to have one.

Will the Electrical service panel cover be removed during the home inspection?

Based on the standards of practice it is not required. It is dangerous with the power on.

Will the roof be climbed during the home inspection?

Based on the standards of practice climbing a roof is not required. A inspector is not even required to have a ladder. A home inspector on roof can speed worn out shingles or possibly crack them with no way to repair it. A Licenced Roofing Contractor should be the only ones climbing roofs as they can patch holes on the spot.

Will the attic be inspected?

Based on the standards of practice only readily accessible areas that the inspector deems safe shall be inspected. Readily accessible attic would have a built in pull down ladder if it is in a ceiling. With that said a inspector with a ladder may choose to look into or enter a attic. Due to extreme heat in summer it can get to 160 degrees or more. Also a inspector should not be disturbing blown insulation. If the attic is finished with a floor to walk on that would be different.

I see you have seperate services that are not full home inspections?

Yes these are only for the component listed.